The Washington Times - February 21, 2008, 10:04PM
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CLINTON: Whatever happens, we’re going to be fine. You know, we\ have strong support from our families and our friends. I just hope that we’ll be able to say the same thing about the American people, and that’s what this election should be about.\
Sen. John Edwards
EDWARDS: This is not about lobbyists. As a matter of fact, it’s not about any of us. The truth is, when this election is over, I’m going to be fine. Senator Clinton is going to be fine. Senator Obama’s going to be fine.\ \ The question is: Will America be fine? And will we ensure — and I think this is the great moral test of our generation — will we ensure that our children have a better life than we have had? That’s the responsibility we have.
\ John Edwards: “What’s not at stake are any of us. All of us are going to be just fine no matter what happens in this election. But what’s at stake is whether America is going to be fine.” [Democratic Debate, 12/13/07]\ \ John Edwards: “I want to say this to everyone: with Elizabeth, with my family, with my friends, with all of you and all of your support, this son of a millworker’s gonna be just fine. Our job now is to make certain that America will be fine.” [Edwards Speech, 1/30/08]
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Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times