The Washington Times - February 22, 2008, 08:37AM
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“I’ve never been more certain that both Democrat candidates are truly flawed. Barack Obama displayed tonight his naive grasp of foreign relations — both current and historical. Obama also misled voters, claiming he disclosed all of his earmarks. His thin record and lack of experience exemplify why he is not fit to be Commander in Chief. Senator Clinton showed viewers tonight that she cannot be trusted and will continue to pander her way toward her party’s nomination. Neither Democrat candidate demonstrated tonight that they are prepared to lead on the issues that matter to all Americans.”
Here’s my story this update on superdelegates Harold Ickes notes this story up
Sen. Barack Obama, who has refused donations from federal lobbyists and paints his Democratic presidential rival as a Washington insider for accepting their contributions, took hundreds of thousands of dollars from partners at dozens of firms that lobbied Congress in 2007.\ \ \ The partners — who often share in a law firm’s overall profits — gave at least $214,000 to the Obama campaign from October through December, according to a review of Federal Election Commission records and lobbying-disclosure reports with the Senate.
Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times