The Washington Times - February 6, 2008, 11:15AM
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Obama is running an “establishment” campaign
\ He had “strong” endorsers with top governors and senators (Kennedy) in states she ended up winning - Massachusetts and Arizona
\ She’s getting a “record” day from Web fundraising
\ Margin she won in these big states was strong
\ She won blue and red states
\ She shot down “myths” by winning youth vote in Massachusetts and California, winning rural Missouri
\ She was able to “overcome” the “icon” Kennedy endorsement that made him “favorite” to win
\ Obama has an advantage in the next states
\ Did we mention blanket coverage of Kennedy?
He “won more states, won more delegates, won more total votes” in the tally of all the elections
\ Clinton had Super Tuesday advantage and was “presumed to be almost inevitable”
\ The next contests are going to be tough - she has endorsements from both of Washington’s senators and “We believe she should win the Maine caucuses”
\ We never planned to win California or New Jersey
\ Our goal always was to “cut down on the delegate margin”
\ As expected, she won her “base” states
Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times