The Washington Times - January 29, 2008, 04:31PM
John McCain

\ Does this not seem a tad high school to y’all?\


\ It’s kind of like a tattle-tale, screaming “Mommy, mommy. Did you hear what he said? Johnnie’s got a potty mouth.”\

\ Look, so McCain has a temper. No big news for Washington political insiders, right? A lot of people do, and we aren’t excusing abusive anger. But ya know, politics is rough, and wimpy weasels who just wanna be nice are gonna be blasted to Baghdad if we aren’t careful. Our opinion, of course, but on some issues, there ought to be outrage — coupled with force. Perception is reality — and sometimes puffing up your chest works.\

\ It would seem to us that reasonable voters would not buy into such a tactic, particularly trotted out on election day in a tight race. It seems SO incredibly juvenile.\

\ — Andrea Billups, The Washington Times