The Washington Times - August 4, 2008, 06:40PM

With the Olympics fast approaching, protest groups are escalating their efforts to publicize what they see as human rights abuses perpetrated, either directly or indirectly, by Chinese officials.

Activist group Dream for Darfur released this video below poking fun at the cute anime figures decorating Olympic paraphernalia. They created their own figure, Gengen Genocide, who gabs about China’s heavy investment in Sudan, where thousands of Darfurians have perished in an ethnic conflict.


A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington said Chinese officials are concerned about humanitarian problems in the region.

“Our challenge has been playing an active and constructive role in pushing forward the peaceful settlement process there,” said spokesman Wang Baodong. “China has done a lot, fairly speaking. China will contiue to do whatever is necessary to help settle the issue. On the other side, we believe that China should not be singled out. It is the whole international community, including some other major Western countries, that should also contribute to the settlement of the issue.”