The Washington Times - February 20, 2008, 11:48AM

\ I am in this coming Sunday’s episode of HBO’s “The Wire.” This season focused on the newspaper business, and since the show is about Baltimore, The Sun is the paper that is the storyline. David Simon, the show’s creator and producer, and William Zorzi, one of the writers, both used to work at The Sun, and so this season they invited a lot of their old Sun colleagues to appear on the show in various small roles. I worked with both of them (Simon is a big baseball fan and grew up a Senators fan) during my eight years at The Sun as a news reporter and editor.\

\ It’s not a speaking role (there was a line in the original script about reporters getting laid off that said, “Loverro caught a bullet”). I am standing in the newsroom watching an argument between the city editor, played by Clark Johnson, and the managing editor over a lead that Johnson cut in a story. The entire newsroom is watching the argument, and my scene is standing up, watching it, and leaning over talking to another reporter about it. It is only about two seconds, but it is very prominent and there is no missing it. Since the Wire puts its next week’s episode on demand as soon as midnight passes after the previous episode, episode 58 is available right now on demand, and I have gotten numerous emails about it.\


\ I am a veteran of both the tube and the silver screen. I was an extra in two “Homicide” TV episodes, and also played an extra walking down the street carrying at lunchbox in the film “The Accident Tourist.”\

\ I hope someday to play the obnoxious reporter in “The Jim Bowden Story.”\