The Washington Times - February 24, 2008, 10:34AM
Shawn Hill

\ Manny on Hill: “He threw the ball very well. Obviously the first day of live BP those guys are at such a disadvantage, the hitters, but the way he was able to command his pitches and throw the ball with the freedom that he did…that is what makes him so good. One of our coaches is telling our hitters, ‘Don’t worry about it guys. He’s still a month and a half away from getting sharp.’ “\


\ Manny on Perez: “He is in very good physical shape. the best I have seen him in 10 years. He lost some weight and is in great shape…we know each other. He pitched for me in winter ball, and he pitched for me in the World Baseball Classic. We have always been friendly to each other….I think he feels that I know him better than probably other guys. But the same thing is going to be expected out of him. He will still have to go out there and prove to us that he can make this club and help us out.”\

\ Manny on Tim Tolman organizing spring training: “He does a tremendous job. He did it for four years in Cleveland with more players than what we have here. It is not easy. That’s why he is a guy that I trust with that job and trust during the season, too.” (no one had asked Manny about Tolman’s work during the season as third base coach).\

\ Manny on Boone and the competition among infielders Felipe Lopez, Ronnie Belliard and Cristian Guzman: “Bret is not actually competing with all of those guys. He is competing against himself first. He wants to find out if it is still there. He is competing against himself, and obviously before competing with any of those guys, he’s got to overcome that and make sure he is ready to go and compete at the level that he used to.”