The Washington Times - April 10, 2011, 01:40PM

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority has opted to build an underground Metro station 500 feet closer to Washington Dulles International Airport than an above-ground alternative that was $300 million less expensive.

“I think the entire thing should be underground. It allows for expansion as the Metro area continues to grow.”


• Erin Benavides, Loudoun County, consultant

“It might be a benefit if it’s right across from the rails and easier than driving, but I live in Bowie, so it’s a 10-minute drive to BWI. Unless BWI didn’t have a specific flight, I’d still go to Baltimore.”

• Maurice Powers, Bowie, systems engineer

“Being easier to get to is always better, but sometimes there are other factors to be considered.”

• Chris Mitchell, Bethesda, information technology professional

“I think it’s insane. With all the money being dished out, how are they affording this? Why would someone build underground? It’s just another hazard, especially with terrorism. Plus, I’m claustrophobic.”

• Richelle Scott, Northeast, student