The Washington Times - April 29, 2011, 04:44PM

Senate Minority Leader Thomas K. Norment Jr. consoled himself with a brief history lesson last week as he mourned the passage of a new redistricting plan largely drawn by Democrats, who hold the majority.

Don’t despair, Mr. Norment told his GOP colleagues. He pointed out that while the party in power usually does its best to draw self-preserving maps, that doesn’t always work.


While Republicans held power across the board during the last redistricting in 2001, Democrats grabbed control of the Senate five years later. Before that, Democrats controlled both chambers during the 1991 resdistricting. Under the maps they drew, Republicans swept the 1999 elections.

Mr. Norment’s apparent message to the Democrats: Watch out, cause we’re coming to get you.

“I can assure you I am going to put the best people on the ground I can find,” he said. “I don’t say that with any degree of animosity or retribution, but this is unacceptable.”