The Washington Times - April 3, 2011, 05:55PM

What do you think of the 25 percent unemployment rate in Ward 8?

“It’s just a shame we live in the nation’s capital and we have residents who are without work.”


— Karen Brathwaite, Bowie, accountant

“I think a lot of it is historical. Unemployment has been high there for years. The reforms the city has tried to make haven’t gotten across the [Anacostia] River yet.”

— Sam Roberts, Northwest, architect

“Southeast has some huge incentives, the same with any large city. I lived in Dallas where it was also large and predominantly black and no money at all it seems was spent by the city on development.”

— Kevin Douthit, Rockville, Amtrak employee

“It’s atrocious. I don’t know how any of the [D.C.] Council members sleep at night knowing what’s going on in those wards.”

— Tizzy Giordano, Beltsville, green business employee