The Washington Times - April 5, 2011, 12:07PM

D.C. Council member Jack Evans has introduced a bill that would allow D.C. firefighters to continue to wear clothing and patches with the “DCFD” insignia.

Interim Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe announced a new uniform policy by which the department would revert back to a department seal in use prior to the administration of former Chief Dennis L. Rubin.


Chief Ellerbe’s order also called for personnel to wear “FEMS,” for Fire and Emergency Medical Services. Department personnel would be required to pay for the changes to their uniforms.

“No one is arguing against the policy justifications for elevating the stature of the emergency medical services portion of the department,” Mr. Evans, Ward 2 Democrat, said. “However, just look at New York City’s iconic ‘NYFD’ logo, used for a department that serves a number of functions, none of which are suffering because they are not all included in the department’s logo. Around the country, a logo consisting of a city’s initials in front of ‘FD’ is universally recognized and inspires confidence and cooperation from residents.”

Initially, the legislation was cosponsored by Council member Marion Barry, Ward 8 Democrat. However, Mr. Barry after the introduction withdrew his support.