The Washington Times - April 6, 2011, 01:55PM

Virginia’s Secretary of Transportation sent a letter Wednesday morning to the chairman of the board of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority expressing his disappointment with the group voting for the pricier of two options for a Metrorail station at Dulles.

The board voted for a shorter walk underground for travelers over an above-ground alternative that’s $330 million cheaper.


Secretary Sean Connaughton said Virginia was “disappointed” with the authority’s decision and that the selection of the tunnel alignment “has raised concerns.”

“As you know, the Commonwealth asked MWAA to ensure the most cost effective construction … of the project, and the decision to pursue the tunnel alignment raises concerns about MWAA’s commitment to the Commonwealth to ensure cost sensitve leadership,” he wrote. “The tunnel alignment, by all acounts, is a more expensive alignment than the aerial option through the airport, and will place a heavy financial burden on local funding partners and Dulles Toll Road users.”