The Washington Times - December 12, 2011, 12:44PM


Reports say Eddie Murphy will play D.C. “Mayor-for-Life” Marion Barry in an upcoming movie by Spike Lee.




“He can do it because he can be funny, but he can be serious at the same time.” — Brandon Henry, 20, music student, Capitol Hill




“I feel like this shouldn’t be a comedy. Eddie Murphy hasn’t been seen in a while. This could be a way to get him out of his shell.”

— Michael Huckstein, 24, Springfield, software engineer





“I don’t think Eddie Murphy should play Marion Barry because he’s too much of a comedian and Marion Barry is all about business.”

— Seanshere Jackson, 45, Southeast, disabled




“Eddie Murphy’s known for being a comedian, but I think Spike Lee is good for him.”

— Scott Murphree, 25, Springfield, software engineer