The Washington Times - May 22, 2011, 12:46PM

Former County Executive Jack B. Johnson has pleaded guilty to taking tens of thousands of dollars in bribes while in office.

“I’m not surprised. I haven’t given it much thought because I saw it coming. That’s why I didn’t vote for him.”
— Mary Barnes, College Park, federal government executive


“He got caught. He should be doing some serious time. I’m kind of shocked his wife hasn’t been implicated with him.”
— Harry Crosland, Upper Marlboro, program analyst

“I have mixed feelings: I’m happy that we’re coming to some quick resolutions, but I’m sad that even though he’s pleading guilty to these crimes. Unfortunately the crimes outweigh any good he did for the community.”
— Jackie Dotson, Mitchellville, retired

“My first opinion was that it was a cop out so his wife wouldn’t have to serve time. He said he was sorry because he was caught.”
— Pat Berry, Upper Marlboro, executive assistant