The Washington Times - May 29, 2011, 11:47AM

A cellphone video posted on the Internet showed Metro Transit Police officers apparently tackling a man in a wheelchair.

“I thought it was inappropriate. They should have handled it differently. What’s he going to do? Get up and run?”


— Susie Thomas, Northwest, personal assistant

“I thought it was pretty awful — at least from what you saw on the video. Maybe he did something beforehand but it was a little on the abusive side.”

— Jim Haggerty, Alexandria, architect

“If he’s not causing a scene or being a nuisance to anybody, why bother him? Especially someone who is incapacitated. There should have been a better way to handle the situation.”

— Afton Gorski, Waldorf, marketing and promotion

“It was a little forceful. But if he was causing that much of a disturbance — it seems like it got caught on video on little too late.”

— Kevin Burke, La Plata, marketing and promotion