The Washington Times - January 1, 2012, 12:02PM

D.C. parking enforcement officials issued 2 million parking tickets in the past 14 months. What’s up with that?





“To me, it’s a money scheme. It’s obviously an avenue to generate money for the city.”

Makasi Knight, 28, Alexandria, relocation specialist







“It’s not unsurprising, but this is a little ridiculous. They make it easy to make money.”

Tracie Ching, 25, Capitol Hill, graphic designer








“I know the city needs revenue. If people are going to park, they should pay for it. But the amount of tickets given, it’s ridiculous. They don’t give people the opportunity to correct the situation.”

Chris Davis, 37, Capitol Hill, property office manager







“I do think it’s a bit excessive. The big joke is it’s the most affective aspect of the city.”

Kay O’Brien, Capitol Hill, government employee