The Washington Times - January 16, 2012, 12:59PM

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is no fan of mandates imposed by the federal government on the states — be it the federal health care overhaul or environmental regulations.

And on Monday, he proved he is anything if not consistent, rolling out a list of about 20 state mandates imposed on localities that he wants to do away with. They include removing mandates that prevent localities from creating their own procurement guidelines and require approval from the Virginia Department of Transportation of the location of locally-placed red light cameras.


“I consider this a very good start,” he said. “Helping local governments at this particular juncture is important.”

Mr. McDonnell, a Republican, has also set a goal for the Department of Education to reduce reporting requirements for schools by 15 percent.

“On the state level, we don’t like it when the federal government hamstrings us with mandates and red tape,” he said. “Unecessary or over-reaching mandates are just as detrimental to local government.”