The Washington Times - January 17, 2012, 01:38PM

It’s Bill Bolling by a hair over Ken Cuccinelli — at least in terms of 2011 fundraising.

Friends of Bill Bolling, the Republican lieutenant governor’s gubernatorial campaign committee, hauled in more than $1,098,237 last year, including $555,538 in the most recent six-month period — the most he has raised during any non-election year fundraising period.


He reported 1,659 individual contributions and, with $56,625 raised since December 31st, has over $1 million on hand.

And Mr. Bolling’s team was sure to point out that he reported raising over $402,811 between December 1st and December 31st. (Mr. Cuccinelli announced that he planned to run for the GOP nomination for governor on Dec. 1)

“I am extremely pleased by the financial support that more than a thousand donors provided to my campaign in 2011,” Mr. Bolling said. “I am especially pleased by the ground swell of support I have received since my opponent announced his campaign for Governor on December 1st. We raised more money during the last month of 2011 than we have during any similar fundraising period.”

Mr. Cuccinelli, meanwhile, raised just over $937,000 in 2011 between his political committee “Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General” and “Liberty Now,” his political action committee.

Mr. Cuccinelli has $732,527 cash on hand, and received 4,644 individual contributions and 3,862 contributions of under $100.

“We’re extremely proud of the number of grassroots donors who invested their hard earned money in Ken’s campaign,” said Noah Wall, Mr. Cuccinelli’s political director. “To the thousands of Virginians who have made our strong showing in 2011 possible, we just want to say thank you.”