The Washington Times - January 29, 2012, 12:55PM

The National Park Service said it will start enforcing the “no camping” rule Monday at McPherson Square, where more than 100 Occupy D.C. protesters have set up tents. What’s up with that?





“They should stay as long as they want. Don’t let anyone run them away.”

Christine Thomas, 50, Southeast, grievance manager






“I hope not, because I think they’re delivering a message that needs to be heard. They’re bringing attention to the fact there’s a huge income discrepancy. They have a right to be heard.”

Michelle Karl, 56, Cheverly, real estate manager








“I think that will increase tensions and possibly hostilities between the National Park Service and the movement itself. It will bring more media attention, in my opinion, that’s sort of lulled. We’re all getting used to the camp-out.”

Marnie Fairchild, 24, U Street resident, human rights non-profit






“They haven’t trashed the park. I feel the number one thing is they’re not bothering anybody. I believe in their purpose. Let them stay. Who are they hurting?”

Nathaniel Coates, 67, Southwest, retired