The Washington Times - January 8, 2012, 04:12PM

A D.C. councilman proposed a bill that would require all city high school students to apply to at least one college before graduating. What’s up with that?



“I think the process of getting kids where they need to be to apply to college is great, but one application isn’t enough. It’s just checking one box. Some families haven’t gone through the process, and some kids don’t want to go to college.”

Teresa Crawford, 36, director of non-profit, Columbia Heights






“At least have your high school diploma. College degrees are vital. I think it’s a great idea to go to college.”

Moses Delrosario, 15, student, Columbia Heights





“Not only do they need to apply to college, but to vocational schools. A lot of kids are not college material but they can work with their hands.”

Charles McKinney, 67, retired truck driver, Columbia Heights







“I think it’s a good idea to apply because you’re just putting yourself out there to have that option. You don’t have to go. But I’m all for the arts and vocational schools are a good idea, too.”

Khalila White, 27, Northwest, educator