The Washington Times - September 14, 2008, 03:25PM

Outside of the presumed national title contenders, who has impressed the most in the first three weeks?

It might just be Penn State, which is obliterating opponents left and right. Now, early-season Oregon State and any-time Syracuse aren’t the greatest of foes, and a visit from Temple this week might constitute the Nittany Lions’ toughest nonconference test (yes, Temple).


But JoePa might just have one more BCS push left in him, which is a storyline that’s being overlooked.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Oregon secured an overtime win, which is not the best thing to get in the D1scourse 30. That, of course, is because overtime results of any kind are treated as ties. Arizona State and California weren’t nearly so fortunate, and both went stumbling out of this week’s rankings.

So here’s how things look in mid-September, with plenty of things sure to be put into flux in the next couple weeks.

No./TeamAdj. record 
1. Southern California 2-011* Home win vs. Ohio State
2. Oklahoma3-022* Home win vs. Cincinnati
3. Missouri3-055 
4. Louisiana State2-064 
5. Georgia3-033* Escape at South Carolina
6. Florida2-047 
7. Texas2-078* Ppd. vs. Arkansas
8. Alabama3-0914* Neutral win vs. Clemson
9. Auburn3-0109* Two-run double led to 3-2 win
10. Texas Tech3-01115* Still seeking real opponents
11. Wisconsin3-0811* Survived trip to Fresno State
12. Penn State3-01617* 55.3 ppg
13. Brigham Young3-01418* Wins over Washington (A) and UCLA (H)
14. East Carolina3-01513* Wins over Virginia Tech (N) and West Virginia (H) 
15. Oregon2-0-11712* OT win at Purdue
16. South Florida2-0-11226* OT win at Central Florida; defeated Kansas (H)
17. Ohio State2-1136* Loss at Southern Cal
18. Utah3-02020* Win at Michigan diminishing in value
19. Wake Forest2-01819* Defeated Baylor (A) and Ole Miss (H)
20. Clemson2-12323* Loss to Alabama (N)
21. Kansas2-11916* Loss at South Florida
22. Texas Christian3-02825 
23. Illinois2-12222* Neutral loss to Missouri
24. Florida State2-02428* Still without academic suspensions
25. Fresno State1-12519* Missed FGs costly in home loss to Wisconsin
26. West Virginia1-12127* Loss at East Carolina
27. North Carolina2-031NR* Win at Rutgers
28. Boise State2-029NR* Boys in all blue handled Bowling Green
29. Tennessee1-0-13430* OT loss at UCLA
30. Virginia Tech2-13229* Neutral loss to East Carolina

Patrick Stevens