The Washington Times - September 7, 2008, 08:02AM

Do you believe in poetic justice?

That’s more rhetorical than anything. But there was an apropos conclusion to last night. Trust me.


I dropped another reporter off at his hotel —- there is, in Ralph Friedgen‘s words, a fuel crisis in progress —- and started veering around the parking lot to try to find my way out of there.

Good thing I wasn’t on mental autopilot. After zipping around the corner, an animal no one would ever mistake was scurrying around the parking lot.

It was a skunk.

So which smelled worse last night, the skunk or Maryland’s football team? Given that the bugger scampered about unimpeded rather than get flattened (well, yet, anyway), I couldn’t tell you for sure —- though it was a toss-up.

—- Patrick Stevens