The Washington Times - September 7, 2008, 03:27PM

Something tells me that even though the e-mails don’t always fly in here (though they are always welcome), this could be a slightly busier week.

But did want to pass along a text message from a loyal reader delivered right shortly after last night’s game wrapped up in Murfreesboro:


“Maybe Mid Tenn wanted 2 play somebody good, too.”

This came not from a Maryland fan I know, but rather an interested onlooker who couldn’t believe Ralph Friedgen would slip (though he ultimately backtracked) and say he’d “rather play somebody pretty good” late last week.

It turns out Ralph got to face someone who, for at least a night, surpassed “pretty good.”

And as my anonymous reader pointed out, the Terps were anything but.

That’s the story here. We’ll see how Ralph tries to spin it on his 4:30ish teleconference with the local beat writers.

—- Patrick Stevens