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Only at The Washington Times: Stephen Dinan blogs on the latest news about politics.

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Count him in

Bob Barr says he'll be glad to take John McCain's seat if the Republican follows through on his vow to skip Friday's debate.

Using Hugo Chavez against Obama

The McCain campaign is out today with a Spanish-language television commercial attacking Barack Obama for his willingness to meet with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

35 days and counting

Wondering how long it's been since John McCain held a press conference? The Democratic National Committee has set up a clock to keep track.

Huckabee tells McCain to cool it

In an e-mail to supporters Mike Huckabee, who was praised for fighting a clean nomination battle with John McCain, is calling on Republicans and Democrats to cut the carping and get back to issues.

The biggest porkers

The McCain folks must have forgotten to do the math, because they're still accusing Barack Obama of requesting more than $1 million in earmarks for each day he's been in the Senate — even though Alaska's daily average is even higher.