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Only at The Washington Times: Stephen Dinan blogs on the latest news about politics.

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Exxon John

Democrats are betting that ties to oil companies can take a chunk out of John McCain's recent success on energy policy.

McCain: Wrinkly white-haired guy

Paris Hilton fires back at the wrinkly white-haired guy, as she calls John McCain, for his use of her in his attack ad — and McCain says it's an endorsement anyway.

Locking Obama in

John McCain's campaign has helpfully decided to defend Barack Obama, arguing reporters should believe the Democrat when he says he opposes expanded offshore drilling.

Ron Paul adds firepower

The counter-convention to Republicans' St. Paul bash will feature former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura and country musician Rocky Lynne.

McCain jumps the shark

The new ad linking Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton earns McCain the sort of attention he can't get from the traditional press.

The next McCain ad?

There's still plenty to mine in Barack Obama's decision not to meet with wounded troops, and we probably got a sneak peak today at what John McCain's next ad will be.