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Only at The Washington Times: Stephen Dinan blogs on the latest news about politics.

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Giuliani will speak

Contrary to reports, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani will have a speaking role here at the convention, just not tonight.

Do over

The Obama campaign seeks to put out a more measured statement on new Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin

If it's Lieberman...

A group has a deal for Joe Lieberman, if he is John McCain's vice presidential pick: agree to caucus with Republicans for the rest of the year.

Hillary Clinton and loser speeches

The most memorable speeches at political conventions often come not from the victors but the losers — those who came in second in their effort to win their party's nomination

Tom DeLay and legal technicalities

The Austin American-Statesman is reporting Monday morning that Tom DeLay's lawyer says he thinks he can get all the charges dismissed against his client based on a ruling in a related case that Texas law didn't ban money laundering using checks, only cash.

McCain hasn't signed

Senate Republicans are stiffening spines for what could be the final showdown on expanding offshore oil drilling, but Sen. John McCain has not yet signed on.