The Washington Times - June 25, 2008, 11:26AM

By Jacquie Kubin, Editor and writer, Donne Tempo Magazine 


Thrilled to grab the phone today and hear Nancy, loud and clear, calling in to say everything is just great.

They landed in Prudhoe Bay, AK and spent the night at the Arctic Caribou Inn where Nancy said that everyone was gracious and warm.  She was particularly thankful that they allowed them to use their “shop” to set up the bikes, which came in on a later plane. 

I think they would recommend to anyone undertaking this journey some time at the Arctic Caribou Inn in order to get organized and ready for the Dalton Highway.  Nancy said that spending time at the inn really helped them start their record breaking, 20,000 mile journey from Alaska to Argentina on the right foot.

Other than one day of rain, they have had sunny skies and a wonderful time.

Nancy stated they have not seen any bears or wolves, but they have seen plenty of moose, caribou and musk ox in the woods along the Dalton Trail.  She says the trail is tough but that all are handling it well and really enjoying this first leg of the trip.

Needless to say she sounded exhilarated and really, really happy.

The plan is to reach Fairbanks Alaska, and then the North Pole the end of this week, on or about the 27th, when she will check back in with us, file a blog or two and start sending photos of her journey.

If you know a great place to stay in Fairbanks or at the North Pole, send me an email at  We need to find lodging for the family for a few nights next week.

And stay tuned for more information on the Vogel family’s epic journey!



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