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By Jacquie Kubin, Editor and writer, Donne Tempo Magazine



They started from The Arctic Caribou Inn in Prudhoe, Alaska on June 9th and biked the Dalton Highway reaching Fairbanks and North Pole on June 26th.  That is approximately 500 miles of rugged biking road.


John, Daryl, Davy, Santa, Nancy and Mayor Doug Isaacson


In an email exchange Bill Rodasky, general manager of the Prudhoe Bay Arctic Caribou Inn said “This is not intended to scare anyone but the Dalton Highway is a mud, gravel road that is very dangerous.  We currently have quite a bit of bear activity in the area.  Regardless of expertise this will be a challenge for the most seasoned bike riders.”

And yet the Vogel clan took off and now, first goal reached, are exhilarated. 

For the next few days they are taking things a bit easier, fixing the bikes – as Nancy said  “When you are riding over dirt and gravel, a lot gets loose.”

But they took the time to ride over and meet North Pole’s most famous resident.  Mr. Claus. 

That would be Mr. Santa Claus.  And his wife, Mrs. Claus. 

They also got to meet the Mayor of North Pole (I wonder if he would step in should Santa get sick or something?) Mr. Doug Isaacson and Blitzen who was relaxing while the other reindeers played games.

“They are really remarkable, as a family and individuals.  I am so surprised by the boys, Davy and Daryl, and how excited they are over the trip,” Mayor Isaacson said from his North Pole office. “We all had a lot of fun, people were amazed to hear their story and as they stood around they were flocked by tourists from all over asking them about the adventure.”

“I applaud them for being able to do this and am very glad they came to North Pole.”

The group had fun meeting with Santa and Ms. Claus, and Blitzen. And Santa, I understand, was very anxious to meet them (I am sure he has had his elves watching their progress.)

Blitzen taking a break while the others are off playing games.

As Mayor Isaacson said, ‘Before them is a Herculean task. But they are all up for what comes and ARE having a grand time.”

And now we know were to find Santa. Do you think Davy and Darryl asked for new bikes?

Nancy and her “boys” (that includes husband John) will be providing updates, more photos and stories from the road.  Check back often to read more of “On the Road Again” and the Vogel families adventures.

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Jacquie Kubin is editor and writer for Donne Tempo Magazine and is enjoying watching the Vogel family on the ultimate Momcation as Nancy and her husband John help twins Davy and Daryl set the World Record for youngest people to ever travel, by bike, from Alaska to Argentina!