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Only at The Washington Times: Reporters discuss the latest news on the 2009 Presidential Inauguration and President Obama.

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Ready for anything

Ten Army trucks hauling what looked like small howitzers drew the attention of hundreds walking up Pennsylvania Avenue east of the Capitol, as did a passing truck emblazoned with the words "Mass Casualty Unit." Soldiers in fatigues, some carrying automatic weapons, stood guard all along the roads leading to the spot where President-elect Barack Obama will be sworn in at noon.

Trying to catch a glimpse

The streets around the White House were heavily barricaded with Humvees blocking those that were for official access and two Metro buses parked in front of north-south routes that are totally closed to all access.

Subway trains getting full

UPDATED: At 6:15 a.m., Red Line Metro trains heading from Silver Spring are already packed as they get close to downtown.


Hollywood invaded Cafe Milano on Monday night, where The Washington Times caught up with some of the famous faces experiencing their first inauguration in person.

Cheney to attend in wheelchair

Vice President Cheney will attend Tuesday's inauguration ceremony in a wheelchair, after pulling a muscle in his back on Monday while moving boxes.

Obama staffers turn to Gmail on Inauguration Day

Obama transition staff who are headed to the White House tomorrow have created special e-mail addresses using Google's free Gmail accounts to work around the fact that their transition e-mails will go dark at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Following Obama from town to town

In Philadelphia on Saturday, Barack Obama told the crowd, "I will not be traveling alone ... I will be taking you with me." For one teenager from Trinidad and Tobago, it was - literally - an invitation.