The Washington Times - November 14, 2012, 05:12PM

Saying the Obama administration has refused to come clean about how it promoted the president’s signature health care law, the chairman of a key House committee issued a subpoena Wednesday demanding that the Department of Health and Human Services explain whether taxpayer funds were used to put the Affordable Care Act in a positive light.

Rep. Dave Camp, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said the Obama administration has “repeatedly stonewalled” the committee’s requests for information related to news reports that HHS spent millions of taxpayer dollars on pro-Obamcare websites and television commercials.


“The lack of response leads me to believe that this administration is either unwilling to disclose why they are using taxpayer dollars to market their unpopular law or are unable to keep track of how those taxpayer dollars are being spent,” the Michigan Republican said in a press release. “Either way, the American people deserve to know where their hard-earned money is going.”

Mr. Camp and Rep. Charles Boustany, Louisiana Republican and oversight subcommittee chairman, threatened to subpoena the HHS last month, writing that the department’s “failure to provide a single responsive document to the committee’s reasonable requests leaves only two possibilities: either the department is unable to keep track of the work products it buys with taxpayer dollars or the department is trying to delay any response until after this year’s election.”

In the press release Wednesday, Mr. Boustany said “enough is enough.”

“Americans across the country oppose the Democrats’ health care law,” he said. “HHS serves as the administration’s mouthpiece spending millions of dollars to convince the American public this law is viable. HHS continues to present a misleading case that is inherently one-sided. Americans deserve to know how this administration continues to spend taxpayer dollars to further its own agenda.”