The Washington Times - November 18, 2012, 09:19AM

Retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman, one of the chamber’s most respected voices on national security, said on Sunday morning that he’d listen to offers from President Obama to take a cabinet post or other position within the administration, but stressed that he isn’t holding his breath.

“There have been no talks. It’s not what I’m planning for the next chapter of my life. … I’m not waiting by the phone,” the independent Connecticut senator said on “Fox News Sunday.”


It’s hardly the first time Mr. Lieberman, a former Democrat and that party’s vice presidential nominee in 2000 alongside Al Gore, has been mentioned as a possible cabinet official. In fact, there was speculation earlier this year that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney might pick Mr. Lieberman to be his secretary of state, should he have defeated Mr. Obama. Mr. Lieberman confirmed over the summer that he would have been open to serving in a Romney administration.

Mr. Lieberman reportedly was also near the top of Sen. John McCain’s short list for vice president in 2008, though Mr. McCain instead selected Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for the job.

A senator since 1989, Mr. Lieberman also mounted an unsuccessful bid for president in 2004. In 2006, he came up short in the Connecticut’s Democratic primary, but retained his Senate seat by running as an independent in the general election.

Mr. Lieberman’s vice presidential run in 2000 marked the first time a Jewish candidate appeared on a major political party ticket in the United States.