The Washington Times - November 28, 2012, 07:58AM

Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Wednesday flatly rejected an out-of-nowhere suggestion that he might be moving from the Education Department to the State Department.

In a Tuesday column, New York Times analyst Thomas Friedman laid out the virtues of picking Mr. Duncan to replace outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. But Mr. Duncan, former chief of Chicago public schools, said there’s a better chance he’ll become an exotic dancer than secretary of state.


“Last week ‘The Onion’ said I was going to become a male stripper. … ‘The Onion’ is probably more accurate than Tom Friedman,” Mr. Duncan said, referencing a recent piece by the satirical newspaper claiming the education secretary had taken up dancing to “put the nation through school.”

He made the comments during an address to the Foundation for Excellence in Education conference, which is being held this week in Washington.