The Washington Times - November 5, 2012, 09:35AM

SANFORD, Fla. — Mitt Romney kicked off his final full day of campaigning with a rally inside an airport hangar here in Florida, the first of four scheduled stops that will wrap up the Republican presidential nominee’s second bid for the White House and set the table for voters to tap the next commander-in-chief.

Mr. Romney told the crowd that they are just “one day away from the first day of a new beginning” and that he is confident that, with the right leadership, “America is about to come roaring back.”


“We can begin a better tomorrow, tomorrow, and with the help of the people of Florida, that is exactly what’s going to happen,” Mr. Romney said.

The former Massachusetts governor vowed to bring the kind of bipartisanship to Washington that has been missing and is needed to tackle the economic and spending problems. And he warned that if President Obama wins a second term, he would push the nation closer to a double-dip recession.

With just one more day to go before voters head to the polls, Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama are making one final push, revving up their supporters in swing states and taking one last shot at winning over whatever is left of undecided voters.

A CNN/Opinion Research national poll of likely voters released Monday showed the race could not be any closer — a 49-49 percent tie.

The race, though, almost certainly will be decided in about eight battleground states, including Florida, where the latest Real Clear Politics average of polls show that Mr. Obama is sitting atop a razor-thin lead.

The race is also tight in Virginia, Ohio and New Hampshire, the three other states Mr. Romney will visit on Monday.

Mr. Romney’s first stop landed here in the Interstate 4 corridor, a 132-mile stretch of road that splits the state in half and has earned a reputation for swinging statewide elections.

Former Gov. Jeb Bush, current Gov. Rick Scott and former Sen. Mel Martinez were among top Florida Republicans who vouched for his candidacy.

“Ronald Reagan said that if you can’t let them see the light, make them feel the heat,” said Lenny Curry, the state GOP chair. “There are a few voters left that have not seen the light, so we are going to take Reagan’s advice and make them feel the heat. … This is not the time to worry about offending someone.”

Jeff Atwater, the state’s chief financial officer and state co-chair of the Romney campaign, blasted Mr. Obama, suggesting that the Democrat has ruined everything he has touched.

“I’m convinced that if you put Barack Obama in the Sahara Desert for one year, that there would be a sand shortage,” Mr. Atwater said.