The Washington Times - October 19, 2012, 07:16PM

At least $180 million of the money President Obama — and likely much more — has raised has been collected by 758 “bundlers” who collect money from wealthy friends and associates, and who the campaign closely monitors and honors for their efforts.

At least $40 million came in the last three months.


The vast majority of the money — at least $119 million — has come from 237 people who have collected at least half a million dollars each. One-hundred-eighty-one people have raised between $200,000 and $500,000 each.

Republican nominee Mitt Romney has refused to disclose the names of his bundlers, but federally-mandated disclosures of registered lobbyists show he collected $9 million from Washington lobbyists last quarter.

The list released by the Obama campaign Friday includes 120 new names, including singer Gwen Stefani of the band No Doubt, who was one of 14 people who raised at least $500,000 in the last three months alone.

135 bundlers live in California, 90 live in New York, and 57 live in Mr. Obama’s home state. In the D.C. area, Baltimore financier Cal Baker raised $500,000 in the last three months.

Washington’s Hannibal Kemerer, whose professional bio says he works in “Public Policy and Lobbying” and “Congressional and Executive Agency Investigations” at Patton Boggs, a law and lobbying firm, also joined the list. Mr. Obama refuses contributions from federal lobbyists; Mr. Kemerer lobbied the Senate and White House on issues such as health care reform and “Advanced Battery Innovation” last year, but he has not filed paperwork as a registered lobbyist this year.

Here are the names of all of the new bundlers:

Ellen and Matthew Chesler and Mallow, New York, NY 500k+

Mikal Watts, San Antonio, TX 500k+

Sidney Felsen, Los Angeles, CA 500k+

Tom Ford, New York, NY 500k+

Stanley Grinstein, Los Angeles, CA 500k+

Tony James, New York, NY 500k+

Furkan Kosar, Little Falls, NJ 500k+

Mary Alice McLarty, Dallas, TX 500k+

Tom Meredith, Austin, TX 500k+

Barry and Wendy Meyer, Los Angeles, CA 500k+

Robert Meyerhoff, Phoenix, MD 500k+

Deborah Sagner, New York, NY 500k+

Gwen Stefani, Los Angeles, CA 500k+

Jill and John Levi, Chicago, IL 500k+

Cal Baker, Baltimore, MD 200k-500k

Elizabeth Alter “Jamie”” Lynton, Los Angeles, CA 200k-500k

Christina Lee Brown, Louisville, KY 200k-500k

Lorna Johnson, Los Angeles, CA 200k-500k

Carol and Andrew Golden, Princeton, NJ 200k-500k

Lisa and Don DeBartolo and Miggs, Tampa, FL 200k-500k

John and Kristi Cumming, Park City, UT 200k-500k

Michael Cryor, Baltimore, MD 200k-500k

Andrew Byrnes, Redwood City, CA 200k-500k

Madeleine Albright, Washington, DC 200k-500k

Samuel Berger, Washington, DC 200k-500k

Governor Dannel Malloy, Hartford, CT 200k-500k

Steve Kagen, Appleton, WI 200k-500k

Kenneth Berlin, Bethesda, MD 200k-500k

John Voorhes, Boulder, CO 200k-500k

Kristin Hull, Piedmont, CA 200k-500k

Sanjay Mody, Brooklyn, NY 200k-500k

Mary Fleming, Paris, France 200k-500k

Vicki and David Riskin and Rintels, Montecito, CA 200k-500k

Jesse Tyson, Miami, FL 200k-500k

Amy Sullivan, New York, NY 200k-500k

Cynthia Stroum, Seattle, WA 200k-500k

Thomas and Joyce Moorehead, McLean, VA 200k-500k

Bryan Rafanelli, Boston, MA 200k-500k

Susan Penzner, New York, NY 200k-500k

Virginia Rustique-Petteni, London, United Kingdom 200k-500k

Rose and Cleveland McElrath-Slade and Slade, Great Falls, VA 200k-500k

Pamela Boulet, Paris, France 200k-500k

Brenda and Mark Moore, Oak Hill, VA 200k-500k

Andrew Dayton Minneapolis MN 100k-200k

Frank DeRosa, San Francisco, CA 100k-200k

Wally Dietz Nashville TN 100k-200k

James Eaton, Tallahassee, FL 100k-200k

Curry Glassell, Houston, TX 100k-200k

Lacy Johnson, Indianapolis, IN 100k-200k

Eric Dayton, Minneapolis, MN 100k-200k

Pinney Allen, Atlanta, GA 100k-200k

Al Kramer, Washington, DC 100k-200k

Terrinee Gundy, Atlanta, GA 100k-200k

Ralph Dawson, New Rochelle, NY 100k-200k

Judy and Ron Davenport, Pittsburgh, PA 100k-200k

Charlie Crist, St. Petersburg, FL 100k-200k

Art Collins, Arlington, VA 100k-200k

Shelley Boots, Silver Spring, MD 100k-200k

Christian Archer, San Antonio, TX 100k-200k

Shoukat Ali, Los Angeles, CA 100k-200k

Kent Alexander, Atlanta ,GA 100k-200k

France and Richard Leclerc and Thaler, Chicago, IL 100k-200k

JoAnn Loulan Portola, Valley, CA 100k-200k

Hannah Banks, Newton, MA 100k-200k

Ann and Chris Stack, Indianapolis, IN 100k-200k

Nicole Leffer, Atlanta, GA 100k-200k

Dina Wampold, Mercer Island, WA 100k-200k

Juan Verde, Washington, DC 100k-200k

Dorothy Terrell, Boston, MA 100k-200k

Bob Stein, Berkeley, CA 100k-200k

David Blood, London, United Kingdom 100k-200k

Albert Shen, Seattle, WA 100k-200k

Steph Schlatter, Washington, DC 100k-200k

Steve Schiller, Piedmont, CA 100k-200k

Charles Thoms McMillen, Washington, DC 100k-200k

Mark Sandground, Washington, DC 100k-200k

Martine Rothblatt, Satellite Beach, FL 100k-200k

Erik Ramanathan, Wayland, MA 100k-200k

Jerome Pandell, Danville, CA 100k-200k

David Onek, San Francisco, CA 100k-200k

Janni Lehrer-Stein, San Francisco, CA 100k-200k

Grace Newton, Chicago, IL 100k-200k

Woodrow Myers, Indianapolis, IN 100k-200k

Aaron Schaler, Indianapolis, IN 100k-200k

Bob Tandler, San Francisco, CA 100k-200k

Peter Forbes, Waitsfield, VT 50k-100k

John Hammond, Plano, TX 50k-100k

Jarvis Houston, Chicago, IL 50k-100k

Celeste Hyde, Seattle, WA 50k-100k

Dena Isaac, Redmond, WA 50k-100k

Leondras Waymond Jackson, Birmingham, AL 50k-100k

Natalie Kelly, Birmingham, AL 50k-100k

Esta Epstein, Boston, MA 50k-100k

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