The Washington Times - October 19, 2012, 05:07PM

The super PAC formed to back the ill-fated bid of Newt Gingrich has paid a longtime friend of the former House speaker hundreds of thousands of dollars, including long after the political action committee no longer had a purpose.

Filings Friday showed that Becky Burkett, a former official with Mr. Gingrich’s old nonprofit, received $20,000 in September, as did Gregg Phillips.

The PAC’s sole activity for the month was paying six bills — two of which were paychecks to the officials who did so.

Ms. Burkett, who did not return a request for comment, has been paid nearly half a million dollar since December, while Mr. Phillips has been paid more than a quarter-million. Two hundred thousand dollars was paid to Ms. Burkette after Mr. Gingrich dropped out of the race; that figure was $84,000 for Mr. Phillips.

After Ms. Burkett paid herself $220,000 in January, spokesman Rick Tyler told The Washington Times it was because “In this business we all could be out of a job next month
you just don’t know,” he said.

Mr. Gingrich wound up hanging on until late April.

Mr. Tyler indicated that the super PAC officials received a commission for money raised.

Ms. Burkett received $100,000 for fundraising services Jan. 23, the day before Sheldon Adelson made out a $5 million check to the PAC.

“She was paid based on the money she brought in,” he added.