The Washington Times - December 20, 2013, 09:18AM

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says the Obama administration’s latest tweak to the health care law shows the overhaul should be delayed for everyone.

“Our entire health care system can’t be fundamentally changed at any given time subject to the random impulses of President Obama,” the Virginia Republican said. “How can anyone make health care decisions today knowing that the law may be unilaterally changed again tomorrow?”


The administration late Thursday said people whose plans were cancelled because they do not meet Obamacare’s coverage requirements may purchase a catastrophic plan if they cannot afford a regular plan on the law’s state-based health exchanges.

It is an attempt to make sure people who lost existing coverage do not go without insurance when the new year begins.

“Republicans have consistently asked for a one year delay of the mandates for all Americans, and put forward a proposal to allow American families to keep their health plans,” he said. “The White House actions clearly prove Obamacare can’t work as designed. It’s time for Obamacare to be delayed for all.”