The Washington Times - June 4, 2013, 02:03PM

The Heritage Foundation reports that the Republican-controlled House has revived President Obama’s proposed Christmas Tree Tax — a 15 cent fee on every freshly cut Christmas tree.

The House agriculture committee adopted an amendment allowing the tax to go forward as part of the major farm bill that’s winding its way through the chamber.


The majority of Christmas tree farms want the fee, saying they will use the money to promote their industry, but they were unable to get a voluntary agreement among themselves and so they turned to the federal government to impose the fee on consumers.

Mr. Obama’s administration agreed and officially proposed the tax in 2011, saying that if a majority of tree farms voted in favor of the new fee, it would go into effect. After vehement public outcry, the administration quickly backed off and issued a stay.

Now though, the Republican-led House is advancing a bill to restart the process. The agriculture committee accepted an amendment from Rep. Kurt Schrader, Oregon Democrat, that would lift the stay and clear the way for the referendum to take place.