The Washington Times - January 2, 2014, 07:52AM

Though the Obama administration hasn’t provided specific demographic details on who has signed up for health insurance through the president’s health care law, it’s clear from heavy advertising campaigns that so-called “young invincibles” are among the most coveted.

The push to get younger Americans to sign up is evidence of a crucial element of the health insurance marketplace; the balance of the market hinges on younger, healthier people signing up and broadening the risk pool of those who have insurance.


“It’s not like a coffee table conversation,” said 28-year-old Eric Fisher of Utah, who has tried to sign up through the federal marketplace but has been unable to do so.

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The AP reports that Mr. Fisher has not seen any of the ad campaigns in the state — one of which includes images of people rock climbing and snowboarding.

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Health Care Reform

The Obama administration has also deployed celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kerry Washington to get in on the push, and Mr. Obama recently told a group of mothers in the Oval Office: “Moms can tell young people who think they’re invincible that they’re not and prod them to at least get information.”

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