The Washington Times - August 26, 2008, 03:13PM

U.S. Sen. Jim Webb told members of the Virginia delegation this morning he’d like to see a better balance of power in the country, by having Congress assert more control.

Webb, a Virginia Democrat and former secretary of the Navy, said he shared the view, which was passed to him by the widow of former U.S. Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Webb said Elizabeth B. Moynihan told him her one wish, and her late husband’s wish would be to “would be to rebalance the constitution, to reclaim the powers [Congress] used to have.”


Webb called Moynihan, a former New York senator and liberal stalwart, his role model.

“I’ve often said Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who has been able to combine an academic and intelectual life as a writer and career in government service,” he told the crowd of delegates.

Tom LoBianco, Maryland political reporter, The Washington Times