The Washington Times - May 30, 2013, 06:09PM

WASHINGTON – Herring Broadcasting, the owners of the WealthTV network, and The Washington Times announced Thursday a partnership to create a new national cable news network called One America News that will debut nationwide this summer.

“One America News Network will provide Americans a new, credible source for national and international news and investigative reporting as well as talk shows designed to foster an independent, cutting-edge debate about the policies, issues and solutions facing the country,” said Robert Herring, the CEO of Herring Broadcasting.


The network, which is wholly owned by Herring Broadcasting, will rely on The Washington Times as a key source of news and analysis from the nation’s capital and is building a state-of-the-art TV studio inside the 31-year-old newspaper’s newsroom.

The Times is an authoritative voice on policy, politics and national security news in Washington, and it provides our network a powerful reporting and analytical capability to help our viewers make sense of developments in an increasingly complex, and polarized capital city,” said Charles Herring, president of One America News Network. 

“We’re excited to have reporters, editors and commentators from Ralph Hallow to Emily Miller who can whisk into the studio from the Times’ newsroom and provide real-time, trusted reporting and credible analysis on the pressing issues of the day.”

Larry Beasley, the president and chief executive officer of The Washington Times, said the partnership with One America News fits perfectly into the newspaper’s efforts to extend its expertise and coverage.  “We have been hard at work transforming our company to be a digital-first news organization and our partnership with One America News furthers that goal and our potential reach to millions of new American TV viewers,” Beasley said.

“We’re excited to be a key Washington news source for a network that will appeal to Americans concerned about political accountability, smaller government spending and taxation, the protection of liberties and a strong national security capability in America,” Beasley added.  Among the projects that the two companies have in the works is a daily television show featuring well-known Washington Times radio host Andy Parks and award-winning news columnist Emily Miller.

Herring Broadcasting, a family owned and operated TV company based in San Diego, launched one of the first all high definition 24/7 national cable channels in June 2004.   The company has been producing an extensive amount of content over the years, including national and international news, which airs three times a day on WealthTV.  

Robert Herring said he decided to launch One America News Network to give viewers a credible source of news and provide a platform for independent, libertarian, and conservative voices, which are too often ignored in today’s media, preventing healthy debates and a chance to find common ground.

 “Fox News has done a commendable job serving the center-right and independent audiences, yet those who consider themselves liberal have a dozen or more choices on a typical cable programming lineup.   We strongly believe it’s time for another platform offering healthy debates representing independent, Libertarian and conservative ideologies to have more programming options for the issues we care most about.”

The announcement of the network comes on the day that CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), the largest gathering of conservatives in Washington each spring, launched its 40th annual conference. One America News and The Washington Times are anchor sponsors for the event and will be discussing the new network with attendees over the next three days. The Times is also the sponsor of the CPAC straw poll that will provide a gauge of conservatives’ preferences and positions heading into the 2013-14 election cycle. The results of the poll will be released Saturday afternoon.

One America News will showcase talent from both coasts, including:

  • Well-known TV anchor Graham Ledger, whose Daily Ledger show will look at stories through a constitutional prism
  • Radio talk show host Rick Amato, whose new TV show aims to expose the gap between mainstream America and Washington’s political elite
  • Washington’s well-known radio personality Andy Parks and rising star Emily Miller, whose studio-based political news show will discuss what’s happening in Washington, D.C. and beyond.  

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