The Washington Times - March 6, 2007, 11:04AM
You always talk about how the Nats are going to be historically bad this season. So, how bad? What’s your prediction? — Tina, Tysons Corner Thom: SEE RELATED:

Hi, Thom. Isn’t it risky to rush the young pitchers into the major leagues? The nats are going to lose this year regardless of whether there are journeymen or prospects on the mound. So why risk bad things happening to young pitchers by starting them in the majors when they aren’t ready for that level of competition? What’s the harm of letting them spend more time in the minors? — Chris, Washington, DC Thom: \ We may have to face the Mets lineup but we also get to face their pitching, which whilenot old or inexperienced is Chan Ho Park. David, Fairfax, Va Thom: if Not much talk about OF Michael Restovich. He’s got some major league experience, but no one seems to give him any shot at making the club. Any opinion of him? Robert, Springfield, VA Thom: 54-108. Well it’s in writing now. I don’t think they’ll be nearly that bad. Do you think they will improve each year starting in ‘08 to the point of being a playoff team? — “pwilly” No.Va. Thom: Hi Thom, Two questions: On your “Chatter” post last night, when you made the thinking comment relating to newspaper articles versus blog posts, were you talking about your own observations while writing in those different mediums or bloggers in general (not that there’s anything wrong with from-the-hip content)! — misschatter (Blog Land) Thom: One more — A reader just pointed me to an SI article that claims they heard in Viera that Bowden may be on the hot seat and in line to be replaced. Do you think there’s any teeth to that rumor? Anyone know how long his contract was signed for anyway? — misschatter (Blog Land) Thom: Thom: \ Thom, 108 losses would be a franchise record. I think that’s a tad harsh. As bad as the pitching looks right now, it’s better than the end of last season. Anything less than 100 losses is a win for this club! I think the Lerners would be embarrassed, don’t you. — Tim (Burke) Thom: What about the hiring of Mike Rizzo? Could he be the guy the Nationals see as their future GM given his success in scouting/player development in Arizona?\ — Brian (Alexandria) Thom: Jim Bowden Hello. Why don’t the Nats try out the relief pitchers for starting jobs instead of rushing the young, injured guys. Rausch, Schroeder and Wagner come to mind. — Jim (Manassas) Thom: Admit it: You actually like Viera better than Lauderdale, right? — Art V., Reston Thom: Thom: