The Washington Times - April 23, 2008, 01:00PM
Hi everyone, glad to be back in the fray after a little, five-day respite. Rest assured, I’ve been following things closely (Goessling was on top of everything in Florida and Atlanta) and am reasonably up to speed on everything involving the Nats, who return home tonght for the start of an 11-game homestand (longest of the season). The Mets, featuring Johan Santana, Brian Schneider and Ryan Church, kick things off tonight. Plenty of topics to cover, so let’s get to your questions. As always, click on the above link to submit one, or email me directly at [email protected]From Brian in Alexandria: SEE RELATED:

Mark Zuckerman:From Joseph in Sacramento, Calif.:Mark Zuckerman:John LannanMatt ChicoFrom Kristin in Fairfax:Mark Zuckerman:From Charlie in Bethesda:Mark Zuckerman:From GoNats! in Manassas:Chad CorderoMark Zuckerman:From Chris in Fairfax:Mark Zuckerman:Paul Lo DucaJohnny EstradaJesus FloresFrom Brian in Alexandria:Mark Zuckerman:From Ken in Mechanicsville, Md.:Austin KearnsMark Zuckerman:From Charlie in Bethesda:Mark Zuckerman:From Nats Gal in Fairfax:Mark Zuckerman:From Joseph in Sacramento:Mark Zuckerman:From Mike in Fredericksburg:Mark Zuckerman:From Mr. Madison in New Carrollton:Mark Zuckerman:OK folks, I’ve got to get going. Time to head down to the ballpark for the first of 11 straight home games. Thanks for all the questions. Talk to you again next week.