The Washington Times - March 26, 2008, 01:00PM
Good afternoon from Disney World. Not the amusement park. The baseball park next door. The Nats and Braves are about to get going with their second-to-last Grapefruit League game of the spring. Plenty of stuff about to happen — the Nats will make their final roster cuts following the game today and announce their 25-man roster. And following tomorrow’s game against the Orioles, they’ll fly up to D.C. and make a quick stop at Nationals Park tomorrow night so players can see their new home. So there’s no shortage of topics to discuss here. Send in your questions to, or click on the above link. Let’s get going… From Adam in Germantown: SEE RELATED:

Mark Zuckerman: From Joseph in Sacramento, Calif.: Mark Zuckerman: Jim Bowden From Chris in Fairfax: Mark Zuckerman: From Steve in Atlanta: Mark Zuckerman: From Kristin in Fairfax: Mark Zuckerman: From Mr. Madison in New Carrollton: Manny Acta Mark Zuckerman: From Wookie in Woodbridge: Mark Zuckerman: Joel Hanrahan John Lannan From Brian in Alexandria: Mark Zuckerman: From PowerBoater in Virginia: Mark Zuckerman: Washington From Cardman: Mark Zuckerman: OK, folks — I gotta run. Need to crank out a story on Manny Acta before this game ends, find out who the final cuts are and then head to the airport. Thanks for all the questions (and compliments) all spring, and be sure to keep joining us every Wednesday during the season for more of these chats. Looks like we’ll kick off the regular season version next week in Philadelphia. See you then!