The Washington Times - March 28, 2008, 11:32AM
Nationals Park Who maintains the stadium on a daily basis? Is it the responsibility of the city or the team? SEE RELATED:

“Have you gotten an opportunity to taste the food at the park yet? How is it? How are the costs in relation to other stadiums? Question fro Ben Jaber: Are there going to be any good ticket deals coming up for a single game? Patrick from Va. Beach asks: Are the Nats concerned at all about the how the field will hold up following the papal mass services? Assuming there will be field seating for that event, any idea on how that will work? Bobby Hill asks: What’s the deal with that concrete factory next store? I thought the city was buying up all that land. Nick Leyva asks: How good or bad a value are the ticket prices for the various sections? \ The food at the park sounds awesome. How did the city and sports commission manage to get people like Gifford’s and Ben’s Chili Bowl to open? And how much more expensive will food be there? Washington Bill asks: Are Season Ticket Holders with permit parking allowed to tailgate? Tom asks: I hear stadium tours begin April 19th. Any details available? Ian Koski asks: Tim, what’s your favorite feature in the new park? Stewart Griffin from Quohog, RI asks: I know the big screen is HD, but what about the people operating it? Will the new gear make it easier for the booth guys to keep the screens current? Dave Nelson from Wisconsin asks: First, I really loved the special section yesterday. Well done. I seem to recall local protesters crashed many of the stadium events early on to protest the use of taxpayer dollars on the park. Have they gone away?