The Washington Times - December 2, 2008, 02:05PM

Ben Bradlee, the nearly legendary editor of The Washington Post, had some harsh words for the new Ron Howard movie “Frost/Nixon,” Stephanie Green is reporting.

At a recent press screening of the flick, which dramatizes British TV host David Frost’s interviews with ex-President Richard Nixon, Bradlee stormed over the filmmakers’ insertion of a Nixonian apology for his deeds. “Nixon was never sorry for what he did,” Bradlee said.


That’s a pretty broad statement. After all, Nixon was only human, and it’s hard to be human and not be sorry about something — especially if you’re the only president forced to resign amid a scandal that brings down your entire administration. I’m thinking Nixon might have had a regret or two — unspoken, of course.

The main thing is don’t watch theatrical movies as if they’re documentaries — and that goes for some documentaries, as well.