The Washington Times - November 25, 2008, 02:02PM

President-elect Barack Obama Tuesday held his second press conference in two days, and his transition office announced he will hold a third on Wednesday.

That will make four press conferences in November since he was elected.


But that number is slightly misleading, since the number of questions he’s taken at each press conference has so far shrunken from nine in his first, to six on Monday and then four on Tuesday.

A typical presidential press conference under President Bush has usually lasted at least 12 questions. Mr. Bush’s last press conference was 133 days ago, on July 15, and he took 15 questions (21 if you count follow-ups).

Mr. Obama Tuesday again was unpredictable in who he called on. The four questions went to:

• Savannah Guthrie, NBC News

• Peter Nicholas, the Los Angeles Times

• Andy Shaw, ABC 7 (Chicago affiliate)

• Steve Thomma, McClatchy

In his previous two press conferences, Mr. Obama basically followed the protocol of calling on wire reporters first, and then broadening it out. But Tuesday broke all the rules.

Here are the lists of question-askers from the first two pressers.

Nov. 24:

• The Associated Press

• Reuters

• Bloomberg News

• The Wall Street Journal

• USA Today

• The Washington Post

Nov. 7:

• The Associated Press

• NBC News

• ABC News

• CBS News

• Reuters

• Chicago Tribune

• Chicago Sun-Times


• The New York Times