The Washington Times - July 31, 2007, 01:39PM
Redskins We’ve been hearing a lot about the rookie free agent DE from G’town, Alex Buzbee. I’m just curious about how he’s faring in training camp and if there is any feedback about him from his teammates and the coaching staff. If he doesn’t make it to the active roster, is he a lock for the practice squad? \ Hussam SEE RELATED:

Gregg Williams Ryan: OK, so this is a *Redskins* live chat… but what do you think of the Vikings?\ Robert, Springfield Vikings Ryan: Can you comment on the impact Fred Smoot will have returning to the Redskins? Why do you think it didn\0x2019t work in Minnesota? Ryan: Joe Gibbs’ coaching comeback is now in its fourth year. How much more of this does he have left in him, especially if the Redskins don’t make the playoffs this season?\ — Gary Fogel, Reston $17 million guaranteed? That’s a lot for a rookie who’s not even guaranteed of a starting job! There’s no way LaRon Landry isn’t one of Gregg Williams’ starting 11, is there?\ — Donald Sanger, Falls Church NFL Sean Taylor What changes do Gregg Williams and the Redskins defense have to make this year to be a more effective unit? What team will be the biggest disappointment this year (playoff team last year) and the biggest surprise this year (sub-.500 last year)? Ryan: How do you think Cris Samuels being injured will affect the chemistry being created along the line? If he is out for four weeks, can he be ready for the season?\ Andrew, Silver Spring Who do you think will have the biggest impact on their new team this year\0x2026.McGahee in Baltimore, Green in Miami or Lewis in Cleveland? Hey Ryan, Even though the Nats are pathetic, baseball is still dominating the news these days (Barry Bonds, Cal’s HOF induction, today’s trade deadline)… Are there any die-hard baseball fans on the Skins, and what teams do they like? I seem to remember hearing Renaldo Wynn is a big White Sox fan.\ — Steve Koren, Rockville Who from this year\0x2019s draft will have an immediate impact? I saw Gregg Williams say yesterday he thinks Sean Taylor is the “best” athlete he’s seen. Does he break out this year? \ OK, that’s look like all of the questions and I have to run out to the Park for another practice. Appreciate the questions and talk to everybody next Tuesday — Ryan