The Washington Times - September 18, 2007, 01:18PM
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Ryan O’Halloran: Joe Gibbs From Irving: From Ryan O’Halloran: Redskins From Dustin in Syracuse, N.Y.: Reche Caldwell Ryan O’Halloran: From Gary Fogel in Reston: Eagles Ryan O’Halloran: From Brent in Arlington: Randy Thomas Ryan O’Halloran: From John in Fairfax:\ What do you make of the defensive backfield so far? I love the way Taylor is hitting and running around like crazy. But what of Landry and the corners? It seems to be a pretty noticeable improvement over last season. \ \ Ryan O’Halloran:\ The secondary has been OK. No big plays is a plus.The Redskins are 18th in yards, but fourth in yards per reception allowed, which confirms the no-big-play theory. And their first in third down defense. I’m witholding judgement on Taylor until I watch the game from last night. Landry’s presence allows Taylor to do some things more suited to his strengths (roam center field).\ \ \ From Steve in Rockville:\ Giants, Lions, Packers and Cardinals … oh my! Are we going to be 6-0 heading into the Game of the Year at New England?\ \ Ryan O’Halloran:\ Obviously, the Gibbs-made Kool Aid has been delivered to Rockville. The home games against the Giants, Lions and Cardinals — the Redskins should win those games even though Detroit could cause some problems with its passing game. The Packer game in Green Bay could be interesting. The Packers can’t really run it yet. I’ll predict 5-1 going into New England then … CRASH! … back to earth thanks to Tommy Brady.\ \ \ From Larry D. in College Park:\ Obviously the Eagles and Giants have their issues. So who’s going to win the NFC East: our Skins or the hated Cowboys?\ \ Ryan O’Halloran:\ The Giants stink on defense. The Eagles — where to begin? Brian Dawkins looked bad in coverage and Donovan McNabb looked really bad moving around the pocket. So, yes, it’s a two-team race. But I think Dallas has to be considered the favorite.\ \ \ Ryan O’Halloran:\ That’s all for this week. I’ll be back next Tuesday at 2 p.m. to review the Giants game and look ahead to the bye weekend.\ \ \ \ \ \