The Washington Times - August 27, 2008, 03:35PM

The Redskins had their Welcome Back Luncheon this afternoon in Tysons Corner. Of course this use to be a way to welcome the team home from training camp in places like Frostburg, Md., and Carlysle, Pa. Now it is a forum to help raise money for charity and honor players for offense, defense and special teams player of the year awards from last season from the alumni association.

Chris Samuels was the offensive player of the year, London Fletcher the defensive player of the year and Rock Cartwright for his special teams prowess. Fletcher gave a pretty rousing speech, especially if it was without notes as Cartwright claimed.


The anticipation for the event centered around Jim Zorn, since this would be his first luncheon. His speech was solid, with a couple of pretty funny anecdotes. One in particular was about his advanture in a alumni flag football game with the Seahawks. It was a co-ed contest, and Zorn happened to hit a  Seahawks cheerleader in the face with a pass, and in his words, “Her nose went boosh! [with the accompanying hand gestures to symbolize blood exploding everywhere]” Zorn, being the comepitive guy that he is, said he had to fight one of his reactions of, “Catch the ball!” which drew plenty of hearty laughter from the ballroom crowd.