The Washington Times - August 29, 2008, 10:45AM

OK. It’s decision day, the hardest day each year at Redskin Park, the day that nearly a quarter of the training camp roster is let go — although a few of the young guys will be re-signed to the practice squad tomorrow.



Here’s who I figure will be given pink slips: Offensive linemen Devin Clark, Andrew Crummey, Fred Matua, Todd Wade and Tavares Washington; receivers Horace Gant, Maurice Mann and Anthony Mix; fullback Nehemiah Broughton; quarterback Derek Devine; defensive linemen Matthias Askew and Ryan Boschetti; linebackers Curtis Gatewood, David Holloway and Danny Verdun-Wheeler; cornerbacks Cedric Holt, Justin Tryon and Byron Westbrook; and safety Patrick Ghee.

That’s 19, leaving three more cuts. One will be the loser of the very tight punting battle between incumbent Derrick Frost and rookie Durant Brooks. My hunch is that the Redskins will go for the 23-year-old kid to whom they gave a signing bonus in July over the four-year veteran to whom they gave nothing up front when he re-signed in March.

That leaves defensive ends Rob Jackson and Chris Wilson, safety Justin Hamilton, cornerback Matteral Richardson, linebacker Alfred Fincher, receiver Billy McMullen and running back Marcus Mason with four jobs available.

My educated guess it that Wilson sticks over Jackson although he didn’t have a good summer before his sack last night because the rookie can be safely kept on the practice squad and moved up if Wilson doesn’t show more soon.

The Redskins would normally not keep six receivers or four running backs, but with rookie receiver Malcolm Kelly having yet to play and rookie Devin Thomas struggling, I think McMullen sticks for a while. Mason had a great summer and the Redskins don’t want to lose him so they might just have to hang onto him while rosters shake out during the next week or so. That would mean cutting either Fincher, who was their best player last night and whose exit would leave them with just five linebackers; Richardson, who didn’t play well last night but whose exit would leave them with just four corners; or Hamilton, who played well and whose exit would leave them with just four safeties, two of whom are rookies including Kareem Moore who left the game with a hamstring injury. Since Richardson is the least likely to be claimed and can go on the practice squad, I figure he’s the one to go.

—  David Elfin